Fake Syrian National Channel Broadcasting Live From Qatar

Fake Syrian National Channel Broadcasting Live From Qatar
The Information Ministry of Syria announced that there is a satellite channel using the logo of the Syrian Satellite Channel and broadcasting nationalistic songs in preparation for springing a media ambush which has been uncovered before. This channel may appear on the same frequency as the genuine channel if it is cut off at any time.
The Ministry affirmed that the continuation of the genuine Syrian channels is linked to the presence of its well-known programs and presenters, and that the aforementioned channel and any similar channel is not related to the Syrian national media and constitutes blatant media piracy.
This was already predicted by French investigative journalist Mr. Thierry Meyssan days ago. These fake channels will show some fake footage of Damascus being defeated, President Bashar fleeing, or Syria being destroyed by Syrian ARMY. This is an attempt to demoralize Syrian citizens. Watch the following video:

Syrian officials had previously warned about an intensifying media campaign and spread of rumors against the Damascus government. Syrian Satellite channel "Dunya TV", which has played a key role in disclosing different plots against Syria, has been taken off air from Arab satellites of ArabSat and NileSat.

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