Fatwa on Demand, Faith for Sale, Mufti in Action

Fatwa on Demand, Faith for Sale, Mufti in Action
Some scum said once: "It is OK if one third of the Syrian people will be killed, so that the other two thirds live in happiness".
What happiness does he mean exactly, no body knows for sure. No need to guess from where this scum is. He is a Saudi sheikh called "Saleh Al-Luhaidan".

This scum is just one in a very large group of psychos who introduce themselves as "Muslim Clerics".
We already spoke about Al-Qardawi, or as we call him the NATO's Mufti.
Also you already know Adnan Al-Arour, the godfather of the so-called "Syrian Revolution".
These are the Arab spring sheikhs. These animals decided suddenly to extend their interests; so in addition to issuing fatwas about sex and the enslaving of women, they got actively involved in the Arab Spring, especially the Syrian crisis.
Don't miss the chance! Watch and listen to some of the weirdest fatwas ever. These sheikhs are disgrace, and the Muslims should clean their countries from such crap.

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