Urgent Alert to ALL

Urgent Alert to ALL

Western intelligence apparatuses, in cooperation with Arab entities, are planning to hijack the frequencies of the Syrian satellite channels for some time, through broadcasting control stations in neighboring countries.

The aim of these plans is, as expected. to broadcast fabricated news, such as there is a coup or a defection, or that the government has collapsed. Some Syrian anchors and journalists, working in Arab or western channels may be broadcasting these lies. Or even Syrian journalists who have been kidnapped for this goal.

Efforts are being made to hijack Syria's satellite channel frequencies and silence other state run online media. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) was repeatedly hacked and shut down. On Sunday it was operating. It and other Syrian media remain vulnerable. 

These attempts come in line with the conspiracy against Syria. Anything that might be broadcasted is a lie. All citizens and those who care about Syria's welfare should be alert, and deal with this new aggression as part of the whole war launched against Syria.

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