FSA Kill Syrian Soldiers, Film them and Blame Assad For Their Murder!

One more video from FSA to falsely blame Assad regime for massacre. 
FSA captured some Syrian soldiers, made them dress like civilians, Killed them by cutting their throats and then filmed them to blame Bashar al Assad for the killing of those soldiers...

 'Free Syrian Army' fighters in Douma cut the throats of 16 men who were accused of being government supporters. The evidence for this comes from two seperate videos. One shows the victims prior to their deaths. They have been captured by insurgents who claim they are 'Shabiha' (Soldiers in Syrian ARMY) and policemen. 

Another video, also posted by opposition activists but purporting to show the victims of a massacre by pro-government militia shows the bodies of the same men earlier seen in the custody of Syrian rebels. They are seen handcuffed and their throats have been cut. The fact that the dead men were in fact 'Free Syrian Army' prisoners proves that not only did the Syrian rebels kill 16 unarmed men, they also attempted to blame the atrocity on government forces. 

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