Oh Humanity! What Have You Done To Deserve These Animal Terrorists?!

Damascus:  The Swiss-magazine reports that a four-year-old boy hanged publicly after witnessing  how his mother, father, sisters, brothers and grandparents were murdered.
Picture is "Blurred" for some purpose
After seeng his mother, sisters, brother, father and grand parents's death, the 4 year old Shiite boy was kicked and punched and publicly hanged in the district of Zainab in Damascus.
Iraqi human rights activists, who are the source of this news item,  are saying that a “rebel group” stormed the house of the Shiite Iraqi family, which is a clear indication that religious motivation  drives this extreme violence.
Also a clear indication about the beliefs of these rebels. And a clear indication that  genocide of all non-Sunnis their goal. The human rights group sent this report along with photos. The photo that showed the editors had to be deleted.
Because of many protests and threats to  us, we have removed  the image of the hanged boy  because of its cruelty  Overall, there are 8 photos, the boy without pants hanging from a wall, close-up images of  his battered and smashed face and worse. Please understand that we do not want to  publish these photos any longer.  They are so terrible that they make grown men weep.

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