Syrian Rebels Exposed, Less Syrian and More Israeli

Syrian Rebels Exposed, Less Syrian and More Israeli:
(please watch both videos in the post)

Saudi and Israeli paid Rebels in Syria have announced on a Jewish television program that they stand in solidarity with Israel.  Abdullah Tamimi (a syria rebel leader) talking to Israeli TV "Channel 2" and saying "israel is and will never be our real enemy", "we call Israel to help us (FSA) in syria and lebanon to liberate our people".........
We made a huge mistake in Libya for not supporting Gaddafi and now Libya is a NATO base.
We are not letting Syria fall in terrorist Israeli, NATO and FSA hands...

In an interview with Israel's Channel 2, Sheikh Abdullah Tamimi, an exiled Imam from the Syrian city of Homs, said that the Syrian Opposition does not have, and has never had any enmity towards Israel, and that the Syrian opposition was in the same front as Israel. Tamimi then asks the Zionist regime to actively support Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon, further suggesting the connection between Israel and Salafist armed groups in Syria.

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