The Paid Revolution in Syria

The official Syrian troops, the Syrian Arab Army have launched a massive offensive in Aleppo. They are going in there because Damascus is now under control. So this is being described as the decisive battle of Aleppo. Apparently, not too surprisingly, the hired mercenaries are having to pull back. They had to surrender at least one of their key locations as they pull back and the big part of that is may be that the Syrian army is reporting to have killed the leader Abdul Jabbar al Oqeidi of this so-called "Free Syrian Army".
(Press TV:

So things are looking very very bad for the self proclaimed "Free Syrian Army".
How will the US and Israel tolerate this situation because the invasion of Syria was seen as an unavoidable stepping stone into long sought war with Iran! If Assad defeat the hired mercenary army called FSA and puts them down, the rush to war with Iran is seriously delayed, Not called off but delayed. Because Syria was the last major part of the encirclement of Iran so that Iran can be completely surrounded and cut off from outside support.

The US secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running around screaming against other countries interfering in Syria. Supporting their proxy forces on ground and forgetting that this appears to be US policy. I mean all these hired mercenaries and this false revolution and so on, are US policies. Syrians troops and government has been capturing British nationals, Tunisian nationals, German nationals with smuggled arms and all of them were captured from the hired mercenary army called FSA. For sure, Hillary defends this all acts of terrorism under the banner that 
"US is fighting and supporting the fight against the EEeeevil Assad"

They got both CIA and French exterior intelligence's full support for this terrorist mercenaries. They are smuggling in weapons and apparently now they are getting the Surface to Air Missiles of Manpads have been smuggled in through Turkey for the use of FSA against the Syrian Army.  So everybpdy is playing in this "Sandbox".
(Link - Stinger for FSA:

Big part of the problem is that the hired mercenaries are not working like the organized terror groups or as FSA calls itself the "Organized Army". They are not following anything that is accepted to be the rules of war. Such as Not killing none combatant (unarmed). The abuses and atrocities committed by these hired mercenaries are unexplained. They are running around, they are killing the Christians, Alawites, Shias, Druze and even non-Salafi Sunnis. Recently FSA executed a Shia family in front of their youngest child and then publicly hanged that child. They have basically gone on to what appears to be a campaign against the civilians of Syria. And by this they are sending out a message that 
"If you support Assad, We (FSA) will kill you!
If you do not support us, We (FSA) will kill you!"

Now THAT of course absolutely proves that this is not a popular revolution against Assad regime because killing civilians destroys the support of the people that you claim to represent. Its just like if Gandhi and Quaid e Azam were going from street to street killing Indians and saying if you support Britain then we will kill you. That obviously would not have worked...

The most horrifying story surfacing in the media is that the terrorist FSA (hired mercenaries) in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria have been given the Chemical weapons. The special equipment like the gas masks etc are being supplied to FSA members. UN Observers have pulled out all their observers which makes this "Chemical Weapons in FSA hands" story more confirmed. To conquer Syria and the official start to divide Syria, the hired terrorists FSA are going to start gassing civilians and then they will blame Syrian government for that. So there is a possibility that we will see the FSA gassing civilians and whole load of blame for gassing civilians would fall on Assad and the US invasion of Syria would begin. 
Just like US was running towards Iraq back in 2003 shouting "Saddam is gassing the Kurds"! Saddam is gassing the Kurds!"
(Link - Rebel have Chemical weapons:

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