Therefore, Qaddafi Was Evil!

Pump n Dump is the name of the Zionist game in the Middle East and similar was played in Libya. Beginning in Iraq, the Zionist West was very happy pumping out Iraq's oil for him. But when Saddam wanted Gold for his oil and not Dollars, the Zionists of New York Times gave the light to Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction and the West dumped him. Then in Libya, the leading Jewish neo-con spokesman William Crystal called for a US and NATO military intervention to kill the "Evil Gaddafi". So more innocents were killed in Libya by NATO interventions including Libyan children, women and old.

But why after over 40 years the Gaddafi was the new daemon for the world?
Its simple, Gaddafi wanted to trade his oil for Gold and not for Dollars and Euros. So West decided to loot his vast oil reserves and dump him.

In an interview with an independent European forum, a middle class Libyan stated "Every one was happy here, Anyone could get an interest free loan and no one was hungry". Did you here this kind of reporting on mainstream media before Gaddafi's death? NO! only Zionist lies were imposed on you and me and most of the world.
You see, Gaddafi was not going along with the Western agenda and speaking against the Israeli war crimes against Gaza strip. That spelled Gaddafi's doom. All of this spontaneous "Arab Uprising" follow the same pattern and yield the same results.

Indeed Israel's master plan is in full throttle. And its all part of the scheme for a Zionist World Order to rule Not only in the Middle East BUT OVER YOU AND ME 

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