Turkish Camps Training Foreign Insurgents like FSA To Kill Syrians

Turkey on one side is spreading the idea that it will the host of the Islamic union and is a dear friend of "Muslim Ummah". But on the other hand, Turkey plays a hypocritical card in Syrian crisis. No one can expose Turkey today then Turkey itself is doing so. Turkey is harboring insurgents within its boundaries to cause NATO intervention and US invasion of Syria.

This video includes a woman who disclose the reality of Turkey in Syrian conflict.
Days ago, I posted that "Turkey had US and NATO camps within its territories near Syrian border to train FSA". Now it is confirmed again by this video. Turkey's hypocritical actions in Syrian crisis are showing its real intentions.

It is disclosed now again, that Turkey is funding and training foreigners to cause violence in Syrian so that NATO and US can have a reason to invade Syria. The woman in the video is clearly telling that she get training of using weapons along with her FSA members in Turkish bases and some training in Syria (in little rebel controlled areas).

Days ago, I provided some evidence of US bases in Turkish Syrian border at Turkish side of the border.
(Link: http://activistoftruth.blogspot.com/2012/08/us-troops-inside-turkey-near-countrys.html)
Turkey has offered its bases to US and NATO for the surprise invasion of Syrian people.
Watch the video, and know the reality of Turkish government in Syrian crisis...

So what "UMMAH" is Turkey talking about???

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