Salafist Jihadist Movement in Jordan Announces Sending Terrorists to Syria

The salafist movement in Jordan on Friday announced that it has sent terrorists to Syria to participate in 'Jihad' against the Syrian army. 
A source at the movement, who preferred not to be named, told the UPI that four of the salafist jihadist movement in al-Zarqa city, northeastern Jordan, already headed to Syria.

The source noted that the salafists, who are between 25 and 30, arrived on Thursday evening in Daraa in northern Syria.

Mohammad al-Shalabi, nicknamed Abi Sayyaf, who is a leader at the salafist jihadist movement in Jordan, announced last Sunday that he sent four of his followers to Syria for 'Jihad'.

He noted that some of the salafists go to Syria regularly, while others go personally. 

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