Swiss Grenades Exported to UAE Were Used by Terrorists in Syria

An investigation conducted by the Swiss government confirmed that Swiss-made hand grenades which were found with armed terrorists groups in Syria had been exported years ago by Switzerland to the Untied Arabs Emirates which gave some of them to Jordan.

The Swiss government issued a statement that the investigating committee discovered that the UAE delivered some of the aforementioned grenades to Jordan in 2004 to help it "confront terrorism" as per their claims, and that the grenades probably found their way to Syria from Jordan.

The statement didn't mention any intention of taking any step regarding this issue.

The investigation into this matter was launched after photographs were published showing grenades bearing the inscriptions "Offensive OHG92" and "SM 6-03-1" in the possession of terrorist groups in Syria, with the Swiss newspaper Sonntags Zeitung revealing in July that these grenades are OHG92 grenades manufactured by the Swiss company Ruag, and that they weren't exported to Syria directly.

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