The Betrayal of Sunni Muslim Youth By West And Sauds

There are real injustices that Muslims have a right to be angry about: illegal U.S. drone strikes, foreign pillagers in Muslim countries, frequent American and Israeli invasions of Muslim lands, and betrayal of Muslim values by Arab elites.
In this environment, anger at America and the West is completely justified. But how is that anger being channeled on a political level?
The Shiite youth are represented by Iran and Hezbollah, but who represents the interests of the Sunni Arab youth? No one. The Al-Qaeda agitators are Western intelligence agents, not real leaders to be followed. An independent anti-imperialist Sunni Arab leader has not emerged on the Middle Eastern political landscape since the false flag events on 9/11.
Some people thought Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood would be a strong Sunni leader, but he sided with the United States and Israel in Syria, so he obviously isn’t interested in opposing Western imperialism and Israeli aggression against Muslims.
In this leadership vacuum, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have stepped in and taken advantage of Sunni resentments towards the status quo. They have misdirected their righteous rage against dictators like Gaddafi and Assad, and indoctrinated them to hate Iran and Hezbollah.
The Sunni fighters who make up the so-called Free Syrian Army are fierce and savage, but they are not led by visionary leaders who take into consideration their long-term interests so their fighting potential is being wasted. They are cannon fodder who are used in NATO interventions, and the ones who survive are then successfully re-branded as fanatical anti-American enemies.
The idea that Al-Qaeda is Washington’s enemy is a joke. So it shocked me when I read that the protesters in Egypt chanted, “Obama, Obama there are still a billion Osamas.” Really? There are a billion CIA agents in the Muslim world? There are a billion dupes willing to lay down their lives to promote the CIA’s agenda in the region?
Regardless of the true causes for the protests and attacks on American embassies, the reality is that emotion is trumping reason, as it did on September 11, 2001, when the traumatized American people reacted to the attacks by demanding not an investigation into the intelligence failure, but a declaration of war.

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