About The "Dictator" And The "Pro-Democracy" Opposition!

Iyad Khuder
Source: Occupy Syria FB Page 

Everybody in the world from Paris to New York to Tokyo to Sydney should have heard in the media about the "pro-democracy demonstrations in Syria" and about the "brutal regime that is suppressing  its people". Let's introduce each of them... and have a closer idea, since the man is, according to Sarter: 

The sum of his acts... not his name!

The Syrian opposition started by demanding the removal of the "Item 8" of the Syrian constitution that stated:
"Baath Party is the leader of the state",

Syrian presidency suspended the work in this Item (Item 8) since the beginning of the crisis.
Syrian President responded:

"The problem is not only in item 8, but also in other items of the constitution such as an item that states that any candidate for the presidency must be approved by the local leadership of Bath Party in Syria", "This demand of the opposition demonstrates they haven't even read the constitution very well" he added. 

And then the Syrian President called to form a commission to write a completely new constitution for Syria. He invited the "Pro-Democracy Opposition" of all kinds and ideologies to participate in this national job.

Only 2 representatives of the opposition have accepted this opportunity:
1. Qadri Jameel (Who has formed a new political party  - People Wants -
2. Maroni Priest Tony Dora. 

These two personalities have been considered "traitors" and "agents of the regime" by the "Pro-Democracy Opposition".

The commission counted 28 members. It has been formed of all the spectrum of the Syrian society:
Women such as Kinda Al-Shammat, a professor in the university of Damascus (Law), she is a committed Muslim, and Amal Abaza (A liberal secular personality), Judges, priests, Sheikhs (Muslim clerks), a communist, representatives of merchants, industrial workers.

A little thing to know which has a great indication:
Syrian president said that this commission has the full authority to adopt the draft constitution that is to be offered for referendum on 26 February 2012, and when the commission asked to meet the President Bashar Al-Assad for some consultations about some critical materials, he excused to avoid affecting their work.

This is how the "Brutal Dictator" behaved.

The draft constitution is written according to the high international standards, stated civil rights identically to German, French, Islamic and other constitutions. Even it gave the right to "strike" for workers, a right that is not stated in some European constitutions.

The "Democratic Peace Loving Opposition" called to boycott the referendum.
Is voting on a referendum is a Democratic or a Dictating act?

The "dictator" government has been always calling all kinds of opposition to come to Syria and participate in "National Dialogue", the "Pro-Democracy Peace Loving Opposition" has been always responding by lifting the slogan: "NO FOR DIALOG"

I ask you! Is the call for dialog a feature of dictatorship?
Is the slogan "NO FOR DIALOG" a characteristic of democracy?

The Syrian dictatorship has called many times the militants to drop their weapons against a full forgiveness (given that it doesn't lack for the power to defeat them),
The leader of democracy in the world, USA, has been immediately responding: "I advice the opposition not to respond to the regime's call", and the "pro-democracy opposition" have always been the "good pupils" for their American teacher.

The dictator issued a doctrine that legalize the political diversity by putting the rules of forming political parties according to the best international standards. The constraints on forming parties were very rational: "A political party should NOT be based on religious, sectarian, ethnic, racial or sexual basis".

Several parties have been formed indeed in this new era of the Syrian State.
This is what the "Dictator" have achieved for Syria.
The "Pro-Democracy Opposition" have considered those emerging parties: "traitors and agents of the regime".

The "dictator" have issued since the start of the crisis strict orders NOT to shot any demonstrator. Many elements of police have been killed by the "pacific protestors for democracy".
The "pro-democracy opposition" with support of the free world (such as USA and France), also with the "Too free world" such as "Saudi Arabia and Qatar" recruited snipers to shot the demonstrations that have been described by the Saudi Emir "Bandar Bin Sultan" in his preset plan for the "democratic change in Syria" by: "The fuel of the revolution"!!! 
Yes, the free world is NO WAY caring for the demonstrators that are may be honest to protest for democracy, they consider them no more than "fuel of the revolution".

They recruited snipers to shot demonstrators in order to instigate Syrian people against the "brutal regime".

What happened in Mazzeh on 19 February 2012 was just another boring example, but let's talk about it as a case study and also to denounce the story of media since it is still recent:

The "dictator government" has APPROVED a demonstration which was a "funeral" of some militants who have been shot in confrontations in the ex-Friday (17 February) in a popular quarter in Mazzeh (Basateen, i.e. farms in Arabic). This information is just to denounce what CNN has said: 
"Wealthy Sunni in Damascus start to demonstrate!!!"

This is the sectarian terminology that CNN, the spokesman of the "Civil American society" uses. While Syrian "Pro-Dictator" have been lifting the slogan: "My sect is Syrian" since the beginning of the crisis, responding to some disgusting slogans of some "Pro-Democracy Opposition" that is: "Allawi people to the grave, Christians to Beirut".

The opposition wanted to make this manifestation in the modern civil quarter of Mazzeh to tell the media that "Damascus is starting demonstrations".
Snipers started to shot at the demonstration, police started to shot the snipers, and could really arrest them. Of course, this has been displayed in media as a "brutal suppression and aggression of Syrian regime against pacific demonstration pro-democracy", or "a bloody battle in Damascus", or (at France 24): "Syrian Security forces opened fire on demonstrators"…

The media of the free world and the "freedom of expression" is dedicating hours and hours every day for the totalitarian figures of opposition, Muslim Brothers, agents of western intelligence… and has never displayed the million marches pro-Bashar! To be accurate, the media mention about these marches with few snapshots explaining to the spectator how the "regime" is "forcing" Syrian people to participate in these marches… or pay for them!

There's an international proverb that says: 
"You can bring the horse to the river, but you CAN'T force it to drink!"

And if the regime can gather these crowds in squares, how can it force them to shout for Bashar, sing and smile? And… Why don't these crowds after being gathered in millions shout AGAINST?! What can the police do with them?!

Is it rational that people that is suffering from "brutal suppression", and mothers whose sons have been killed by the "regime" shout pro-Bashar with enthusiasm for a little of money?! Or due to fear?!

Syrian respond to the media: Syrians are not animals, Syria gave civilization to the world.
Syrian "pro-democracy opposition" has always been "BEGGING" USA, NATO, France… and even Israel to help them to impose their democracy, while the dictator has always been BETTING on Syrian people!

Syrian "pro-democracy opposition" is rejected by the dominant majority of Syrian people, while the dictator is supported by millions in all cities of Syria who have always been filling the squares to declare that "They are with Syria, Syria that consists of people, the state, the army … and the president of Syrian Arab Republic Dr. Bashar Al-Assad who is leading the democratic change."

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9. The Opposition rejects the new constitution which presented THEIR OWN DEMANDS!

10. Syrian "Patriotic" Opposition begged West and Arabs for Military intervention in Syria:

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