Lieutenant Back Homeland: Turkish Government Facilitates Weapon Smuggling into Syria

Lieutenant Hussein Khalifa, one of the officers who deserted his post at the Interior Ministry and returned to the road of right said that he decided to return home after he escaped to Turkey because he felt guilty and disgrace when he crossed the borders, recognizing that there is no dignity without Home. 

"The government of Recep Tayyib Erdoan is offering support with weapo

n and money to the armed terrorist groups in order to infiltrate into Syria and perpetrate massacres against the Syrian people," Khalifa added in an interview with the Syrian TV broadcast Tuesday.

Lieutenant Khalifa has worked in al-Thawra region which is affiliated to al-Rakka Police Leadership when he was informed last Ramadan that an aggression by armed terrorist groups took place against Afnan Dabsa Town's police station, and that he along with his colleagues should support the police station.

"When we arrived in the police station, we knew that Brigadier General Adib al-Shalaf, Director of al-Thawara town who told me to go there for support was plotting to cooperate with the terrorists to flee the country into Turkey and that there was no attack against the police station," Khalifa said.

He added that in turkey they resided in an area which distances 20 KM from Antioch, saying that the concepts which the armed groups believe in are Takfiris and depend on fatwas that come from the Gulf countries.

"The orders were given to those groups from Istanbul council.. their goals were not overthrowing the regime, but overcoming the Syrian state with its army," Khalifa underlined.

He went on to say that the Syrians in the Turkish camps suffer from humiliation, disgrace, adding that they were treated in an inhuman way and they are ostracized in Turkey.

"Psychological pressures and wars of rumor were being practiced on the deserted officers in Turkey to frighten them and prevent them from returning to Syria," Lieutenant Khalifa said.

He added that while he was in Turkey, He was suffering an internal conflict because of feeling guilty, so he decided to return Syria as there is no future for anyone who lives there.

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