Manufactured Arab Spring Implemented in Iran Amid Stricter US Sanctions

The manufactured Arab Spring may have finally come to call on Iran. During the riots, boxes and garbage bins were used to start fires in the streets. Suspicious people who were not from the area were spotted by local merchants. These strangers happened to be involved in the protests. This protest, armed with signs and memorized chants, crying “Death to this deceiving government,” and “Mahmoud, shame on you, leave politics,” that had the air of being well-orchestrated , according to observers of the disturbances.
An estimated 150 people were arrested according to oppositional websites that have recently popped up. The protesters had a strange request – for the Iranian government to leave Syria alone and “think of us”.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei publicly stated that “Iranian people will never bow to these pressures and this is why our enemies are so angry.” The Iranian government is well aware that these protests are manufactured and meant t cause an uprising in lieu of a proxy war; just as the US has orchestrated in Syria which has nearly broken the country and murdered thousands of innocent Syrians.
In America, that the export of revolution is a philosophy of the neo-conservatist ideal that declares that “civil society should be directed and regulated by the all-powerful state (in both its political and economic domains).” Neocons adheres to the Communist-based Trotskyism and Stalinism philosophy that the domination of the state in society and the symbol of the head (as realized by the President) is as the royal decree that their power to rule is divinely imbued.
The Trotskyite ideal of “export of revolution” is manifest in the manufactured uprisings we have seen across the globe. Each one has served the purpose of toppling governments to allow the US government to install parties who will serve US interests in their region.
Ahmadinejad revealed that 22 “ringleaders” of personnel within the government have been recognized as agitators who are “causing tensions and manipulating currency.” He explained that with “one phone call” these infiltrators can “manipulate foreign exchange trades in Iran.” Ahmadinejad has ordered the arrest of these plants who are “disturbing the currency market.”
The Iranian President asked that his people not “change your money into foreign currency” because this only assists the enslavement of the Iranians at the hands of the Zionist-controlled banking cartels who rely on the US dollar to remain the global reserve currency.
Jay Carney, White House spokesperson remarked that Iran’s economy is “fast-deteriorating” that has caused food prices to spike. The US Treasury assumes that Iran’s foreign earnings have lost $5 billion a month because of the sanctions imposed by the US. Carney explains: “Direct negotiation is possible, but needs conditions, and I do not think the conditions are there for talks. Dialogue should be based on fairness and mutual respect. I think that this situation cannot last in the relations between Iran and the United States.”
Surprisingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is travelling Europe with a message of refocus toward sanctioning Iran before pursuing military strike. Netanyahu retorted that he believes that Iran will not back down and by pursuing sanctions, This will give more time for diplomacy to convince Iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons program altogether.”
The combination of strict sanctions which devastate the Iranian population, combined with suspicious strangers agitating situations with the intent to cause riots is the perfect platform to create a manufactured Arab Spring in Iran. It worked very well in Egypt. The Zionist-puppet Obama was able to place the Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamoud Morsi into the presidency without a hitch after devastating the Egyptians with manufactured terror of uprisings and planted agitators. The cry for stability facilitated the entrance of Morsi into power.
This scheme is being reproduced across the globe under the guise of grassroots efforts which are state-sponsored and completely controlled by Zionist-interests. The sudden emergence of protests in Iran is the first pangs of fake revolution in the region with the expressed purpose of toppling the Iranian government. Ahmedinejad has already called this plot out. The sovereign nations of the Middle East are quite aware of how the Zionist-controlled puppets manipulate their nations, causing synthetic havoc, economic instability and rattle their governing bodies. This is a tactic of the forced-regime change phenomenon.

Susanne Posel

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