Zionist Racism Part 1 - Vladimir Jabotinsky

Ahmad Imran

Jabotinsky was born on October 18th 1880 in Odessa, Russia and his given name was 
Vladimir Yevgenyevich Zhabotinsky. He was self admittedly not of the Jewish faith, which
prompts the question then – what exactly then made him Jewish? The question will be answered later. However, the dominant school of thought within Jewish circles thinks that one has to be born to a Jewish mother to be Jewish. In other words, being Jewish is matrilineal descent. For the strange phenomenon of “cultural Jewish” being born to a Jewish mother alone makes one a Jew and not being an adherent of the faith of Judaism does not necessarily preclude ones being Jewish. Other times the converts to Judaism might have had to wait three generations to be considered being Jewish. 

Jabotinsky is an important figure in the broader Zionist movement. He started the Jewish defense leagues in Russia, conceived of the Jewish Legion of the British Army and fought against the Sunni Ottoman Empire in WWI. According to Wikipedia, Jabotinsky supposed to have made contact with Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini as well. 

What makes Jabotinsky different within the broader Zionist movement is his insistence upon creating Greater Israel (Eretz Yisrael) on both sides of the River Jordan, and the use of overwhelming force against the Arabs of the region. In this particular militaristic aggressive approach Jabotinsky disagrees with Ben Gurion and Chaim Weizmann over political ideology, the nature of the state and the tactics over how to bring about the culmination of the Zionist State and resigns from the Zionist Organization in 1923 to organize the New Zionist Organization which became known as the Revisionist Zionism

Most of the information on Jabotinsky proclaims him of being the organizer of Jewish defense in the Middle East, albeit the irony is not lost on others, whence Jabotinsky called for mass migration of Western Jewry into Middle East knowing fully well that this colonial aggression can only occur with overwhelming military might. How can someone trying to overtake other people’s land be labeled as organizing defense? But then again, the slight of hand in the intellectual world depends on Geobbelsesque propaganda and how one frames an issue? 

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