2013, Would The World Change?

The Mayan calendar that many say predicted the end of the world this December of 2012 was a little off.  Actually, it was quite late. In truth, the world ended approximately two decades ago.  Oh, we are still physically here and breathing.  But what are we?  Who are we?  Is this really the  phenomenon that we call living?
We had a fairly balanced world.  We had progress in human relations, respect for the human dignity of others, people becoming free from oppression.  We had the rule of law, international law.  We had a semblance of civilization.  We had human rights.
Basically, civilization can only happen when those with power respect the laws founded by mankind to prevent abuses...international law, the Geneva Convention, the UN Declaration of Human Rights are examples.  The inviolability of borders, respect for one's neighbors.
However, it just so happened that one powerful country went mad.  Mad with the lust for power and resources.  It decided that it is not bound by such laws.  It decided that, like its capitalist social system, it would operate on the law of the jungle.

The big and the powerful would eat those who were weaker and could not defend themselves.  The world lost its alternative to unfettered, unbridled greed. All pretense of "defending": itself was removed.  The power became haughty and insatiable for more power and more resources, not caring how many millions it had to destroy to achieve its aims of global domination.
The first victim was Yugoslavia.  Gangs of terrorists from their Afghanistan campaign entered the country in order to destabilize it. With the force of arms, not of law or even dedication to the principles of the democracy they claimed to support, they fractured the country and tore out its heart, making the heart of that country, Kosovo, into a hotbed for drug trafficking, people trafficking and terrorist trafficking.
Iraq, Afghanistan again and Libya became its victims.  Now their efforts are concentrated on Syria.
We also have these hungry, insatiable, gluttonous power elites taking away from the workers every achievement made in the previous decades.  The workers are expected to fund every error, every miscalculation and every vestige of greed of this power elite.  They call it "austerity."  It is nothing short of outright thievery and robbery.
Not only are wages affected, but basic rights.  The right to education.  The right to housing.  The right to health care.  Pay or die.  Pay or the lights get shut off.  Pay or there will be no heat.   Pay or you will be thrown out in the street.
And the world has changed...ended as we know it because people remain largely silent, perhaps turned into zombies by a Goebbels-like corporate media.  They remain apathetic while the world as we knew it, civilization, is collapsing around them.
They might only wake up when the savages are knocking on their door.  When the unbridled terrorism personally affects them.  When their wives and daughters are raped, have their breasts cut off.  When their sons are castrated, beheaded.  When their homes are burned to the ground or they are evicted from them.
Until then, it's just happening to someone else.  Nothing can be done about it.
Voices were meant to be raised.  Life was meant to be lived.  People were meant to be free from the horror of terrorism, violence and mutilation.  It may serve the so-called super power, but it is not an acceptable presence on this planet.
So the question is, will 2013 take us back to those values so treasured by our forefathers or will we continue to allow our world to end.  Will we allow civilization and the respect for law to end?  Do we really think the law of the jungle..the bomb bay door and the barrel of the gun is the way we want to live in 2013?

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