FSA Executes Government Supporters. The main reason behind most of the defections!

by Scott Creighton
Barack Obama just promised more support for the so-called “Free Syrian Army” which is actually nothing more than a group of mercenary thugs flown in from places like Iraq, Libya, and Saudi Arabia and tasked with the destabilization of the Syrian government.
“Even as the United Nations and human rights groups warn that the Western-backed jihadist rebels are committing war crimes and slaughtering Christians in Syria, reports indicate that President Obama has signed a secret order purporting to authorize even more “covert” U.S. government support to the armed opposition.”  New American
Meanwhile, this video has come out of these thugs lining up captured Syrian government supporters and executing them in such a way as to remind anyone of what the NAZIs did in occupied Poland. According to al Jazeera one of those executed was a member of parliament from Aleppo named Zeino al-Barri.  These same prisoners were featured the other day in news reports where the FSA showed them off to globalist reporters and told them they were getting great treatment. As you can see, many of them are bleeding and have apparently been beaten while in the custody of these “rebels” which Barack Obama supports with his “secret orders”
The video is extremely disturbing.
This horrific act is probably retaliation for the Syrian army’s attack on their headquarters in Aleppo which reportedly killed over a hundred of the “rebel” leaders.
":According to reports coming from Syria, the army attacked a rebel-held school in Aleppo’s Salahuddin district, which was being used as a command center, on Wednesday and inflicted heavy losses on anti-Damascus armed groups.
"Press TV’s correspondent in Syria says calm has returned to Aleppo and Syrian forces have cleared most areas of the city of armed gangs although clashes are still continuing on the outskirts. Press TV

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