Al Qaeda in Syria, Whats the reality?

CFR praised Al Qaeda in the CFR report surfaced last week. In the report, CFR praises the suicide attacks and bombings by Al Qaeda and its sister groups in Syria. This is the online publication report from American department "Council of Foreign Relation (CFR)" which says 

"The Syrian rebels would be unimaginably weaker without Al Qaeda in there ranks. The rebellion FSA (Free Syrian ARMY are tired, divided, chaotic and ineffective feeling abandoned by the west. Rebel forces are increasingly demoralized as the continue to be destroyed by the regime forces with superior and professional army. Al Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve around the influx of Jihadists with discipline, religious freedom, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni dominated Gulf states and most importantly deadly results like 9/11. In short, the FSA (rebels) need Al Qaeda NOW!!!" Senior fellow at the Middle East, Eastern study at CFR.

I read and published recently Guardians quoted "A Qaeda is so tough and they got nice black uniforms and they fly nice flags." The Guardian said "Al Qaeda is leading the Freedom fight". Infact the news yesterday published the stories of Al Qaeda blowing up churches, mosques in Syria and Africa. They are lining up the black Libyans and machine gunning tens of thousands of them. Ethnic cleansing in Libya. NATO landing 3000 Al Qaeda members in Tripoli blowing up from city to city. How Sick This Is!

Almost 11 year ago, US was hunting down every member of Al Qaeda but suddenly in Libya Al Qaeda became "good guys"? And now in Syria, Al Qaeda is the total need of FSA to be liberated? US is playing with our minds. They are using Al Qaeda for their New World Order. Al Qaeda is just a toy as I mentioned many times earlier. Wherever US wants to invade it first sends Al Qaeda, funds it with weapons and money so that it can create chaos and then tell the world that "Al Qaeda is in that country, we need to invade that country". Certainly, Al Qaeda leaders stay safe from the resulting invasion but the country is doomed for good.

Now there are reports that on one side US is supporting Al Qaeda and on the other side it is preparing itself to announce "Al Qaeda is in Syria and we need to invade Syria to kill Al Qaeda" in case Al Qaeda fails the topple Assad regime. US will one day try to convince the world to invade Syria and trick most of the 7B people into a great war. 

I mentioned earlier how NATO landed Al Qaeda members into Libya. Same is done by NATO and US in Syria through Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. In Libya Al Qaeda and NATO both massacred and succeeded in announcing the "No Fly Zone" by UN resolution but Russia and China are not allowing the same in Syria. Here US has two vital options in Syrian Crisis case.

1. If intervention attempts fail, US and her allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar can fund Al Qaeda and FSA heavily to buy heavy and superior weapons. (Which is totally happening right now)

2. If that fails, US can trick the world into thinking that "Al Qaeda is the bad guys who are supporting Assad regime and its there in Syria and we (the world and US) need to go there and kill Al Qaeda". Indirectly, trying to succeed in the intervention attempts. Once US is in Syria, Syria will become hell and world powers will face each other.

In short, US wants to be in Syria by hook or by crook! Whether its for Killing the regime or for killing Al Qaeda. US does not give a damn about the Syrian civilians. The main objective of US right now is to find any way to land its troops in Syria and topple the Syrian government, divide the country, create Islamic emirates there, put fake Islamist governments in charge of the divided parts and then give Israel a reason to invade each one of those divided, small, mutually fighting Islamist states.

People believe it to be false but the reality is that "Al Qaeda is the sword of New World Order!"

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