USA Policy: Put Al Qaeda in Syria and then Attack Syria to kill Al Qaeda!

Put Al Qaeda in Syria and then Attack Syria to kill Al Qaeda!
In the video Alex Jones of says, We told people how NATO will send its secret police (Al-Qaeda) to Syria. They blew police stations, schools and houses. The media admitted it for a while but then "The Guardian" published a story "Al Qaeda turns tide for rebels in eastern syria" and it goes on telling how incredible they (Al Qaeda) are and how disciplined and they wear little black Al Qaeda uniforms and They are fighting ASSAD so they are not bad they are kind of cool! They are good guys now"

Of course, they (Al Qaeda) are the ones to massacre people and blaming the Assad for it.

German intelligence estimates around 90 terror attacks in Syrian that are linked or are done by Al Qaeda between end of December and beginning of July and the media would say "Assad did them!"

USA is totally mad about Al Qaeda and claims to hunt down every little Al Qaeda member but when Al Qaeda openly works in Syria then Al Qaeda becomes "good guys".

Now they are spinning it by saying that, "Well Al Qaeda is in Syria and is siding with Assad so we have 2 reasons to attack Syria and kill them."

So, You bring Al Qaeda from Libya and anywhere from the world into Syria through Turkey and then you cry like hell that "We got to invade Syria because Al Qaeda is there!"

Let me tell you this the more easy way:

So, I am a American of 9/11 time: "Al Qaeda is bad and totally evil, They are everywhere, Thank God homeland security is launching an attack on Al Qaeda. All Hail drones, missiles against Al Qaeda. OMG Al Qaeda is so scary!"
And now I am an American of  Syrian Crisis time: "Al Qaeda is a freedom fighter with incredible organisational skills. They fight real tyranny they bring freedom to women, they fight dictators like Assad and Gaddafi and they did great job in Libya and now in Syira. So Hiel Al Qaeda!"

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