"How dare Bashar use war planes over his own territory?! Isn't that Israel's job?"

Everybody making stink faces on Syrian crisis as it comes closer and closer to the war that will be fought between super powers. The media all around the world and especially Zionist controlled Arab and American media is creating a hype over the issue that "Assad is using war planes over Aleppo!". 
Assad is not actually bombing the city center but he is bombing the outline areas of the city where rebels and terrorists have their camps set and from where Foreign Sent Army named "FSA" are shelling on the city center. And the spin in the media is "Oh how dare he use war planes over his own territory?! Isn't that Israel's job?"
The whole reason for having war planes or one of the reason for having war planes is
that when foreign governments and agents attempt to overthrow and destabilize your country using paid terrorists and rebels and smuggling heavy weapons across the borders and trying to pretend that the said covert is the "Spontaneous Public Uprising™" (registered trade mark White House), You can fight back to defend your borders from outside invasion!
And now the US is going to increase aid for the Syrian opposition (FSA terrorists) and Israel is preparing to attack Syria across the Golan Heights as well.
This issue can easily turned into Afghanistan! Afghanistan was the country who broke Soviet Russia when Russia was trying to takeover Afghanistan. Now the same story is being repeated in Syria, so Syria can be easily become a catalyst in US destruction.
US media is crying why Assad is defending his country against paid terrorists sent by NATO. I mean isn't Syria allowed to defend itself? The US is running around in every country saying "You are not allowed to have weapons to defend your soil! Only US and Israel have this right! Therefore, we will invade you!"
US is the country that has decided to not rest until they have invaded almost every country, stole their wealth and killed their patriots!
So back to Syira, the so-called "Opposition" that totally behaves like Pirates are killing the civilians who do not side with them, who refuse to side anyone. The opposition is killing every family who choose not to side with anyone. The main motto of the "Syrian Opposition" is that "come with us or get killed! Either you join FSA and kill people or you die right here along with your family!"
The rebels are destabilizing Syria so that it would break into smaller countries so that "Israel can sleep sound at night!"

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