To Those Who Think There is a Revolution in Syria!

After failing to stay in Homs and have lost the battle of Damascus, the terrorist "Free Syrian Army" ("Contras") launched an attack against Aleppo.

The FSA has managed to take control of two areas of the city and a large public park. They have captured several police stations, killing all officers.

The majority of the population of the districts concerned have taken refuge in the city controlled by loyalists. The FSA would erect an Islamic Emirate in the neighborhood of Al-Nereb as it did in Baba Amr, a district of Homs. For this, they expelled non-Sunni residents stayed behind, not without first having massacred families deemed "pro-regime".

On the video, made by the FSA in July 31, 2012, 15 family members are Bedouin Al-Berri lined up against a wall and shot. Note the state of extreme excitement of the Islamists, who for the most part, are under the influence of drugs.

Western journalists "embedded" in the FSA, who have illegally entered Syria with FSA fighters stationed in Turkey, were reduced to the border for several days already for not attending the abuses. They have been taken for a ride a few days by the services of Public Relations of NATO, seeing only what they have decided to show them & sometimes staged some "event" for them. 

The Mainstream journalists continue to describe the situation as a popular democratic revolution although they saw themselves, the fighters were from Turkey and had no support in Syria, like other small groups of religious fanatics.

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