If No To BLA, Then Why Yes To FSA? Same Groups, Different Countries.

I am Pakistani and I respect my fellow Pakistanis and their opinion.
But for some days when I talk about Syrian political crisis now days, I am hearing from some of my Pakistani friends that "Syrian rebels are good guys because they are fighting their government".
I respect them and I respect their opinion but I question them one thing.

You people know BLA. BLA is a small, probably having its last breaths, terrorist organization whose members were once fighting against Pakistan ARMY and Pakistan government to liberate Baluchistan.

I talked to some people in Pakistan about their opinion on BLA and their response was quite negative. That is correct, it SHOULD be negative because negative things (like BLA) have negative impacts.
But then people started getting confused when I asked them their opinion about FSA.

FSA, for those who do not know, is a small militant wing of opposition party in Syria. This (hardly an) organization is now days fighting Syrian regime to overthrown it and indirectly, liberating Syria.

But in the response to my question, turned out my fellow Pakistanis supported FSA.

Now things will start getting confused, so get ready because I ask YOU:

1. BLA is fighting PAK ARMY because they think they are liberating Baluchistan because they think the Paksitani government is cruel to Baluchis. We know they are funded by foreign powers like India, US and others. Me and You both are against BLA.
2. FSA is doing quite similar things there in Syria. They are fighting Syrian ARMY because they think they can liberate Syria from the present regime because they think Syrian regime is cruel to Syrians. We all know and there are solid proofs that US, Israel and NATO are backing these rebels. I am against FSA, Why are you not?

They say BLA wants to destabilize Pakistan because Pakistan is the only Islamic power.

I say Yes, "thats why BLA is terrorist. But Think, FSA is destabilizing Syria too because Syria is the only neighbor of Israel that is not allowing Israel to sleep sound at nights."

They say BLA is killing Innocent Balochs. I say, "Yes thats why BLA is bad. But look at FSA, dont you see any similarity?" You are blind if you do not see similarity.

They say BLA is funded by US and NATO. I say, "thats why BLA is paid terrorist but look at FSA's source of weapons!"

You hate BLA, good. BLA should be hated, they are not Baloch. Baloch are our brothers and BLA sould be condemned on every level. I condemn BLA acts of terror. But at the same time I also condemn FSA's acts of terror in Syria. Why can't you?

For example, Its like you have a full glass of water and you "like" half of it and "hate" other half. The water is same for crying out loud!

BLA is rebel organisation, they fight Pak ARMY and Me and You both say "BLA is bad, they kill, no to BLA". And on the other hand, FSA is fighting Syrian ARMY, I say "FSA is bad" then Why don't you?

Israeli support for FSA (so-called syrian <paid> rebels):

US support for FSA:

US weaponry aid to FSA:

Israeli connection with FSA:

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