Why They Defected? 1 Person Told The World The Reason.

Have you ever wondered why many Syrian generals and politicians are defecting from their posts?
Why are they attracted towards the rebellion forces? 1 man broke the secret to the world telling the world who is behind these defection which even went up to the former PM of Syria.
Turns out most of the defection, and by most I mean 90% of the defections, were offered and paid by Qatar.
Qatar also tried this same strategy to make Syrian ambassador defect from his post and join FSA terrorist forces who are working along with US, NATO and Israel to destabilize and divide Syria. So that Israel can sleep sound at nights. This reminds me of former Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab, he may have also received cash for his defection just like the Qataris offered Hamad Seed Albni (Syrian envoy to Mauritania) to defect. Syrian envoy to Mauritania was offered 1 Million dollars in advance for defection and 20,000 dollars monthly for 20 years. Hamad was also offered permanent residence in Qatari capital Doha.
As a patriot Syrian, Hamad Seed Albni rejected this offer and named this fraud a "blatant interference in Syrian issue".
Damascus says Qatar uses its financial resources to make people defect from the regime to show the world a fake drama that "people are defecting from the regime and regime is weakening". Qatar has allocated, reportedly, $300 Million for this purpose i.e. to make staged defection dramas to show the world that " regime is falling apart".

RT covers the story: http://www.rt.com/news/syria-ambassador-qatar-defection-421/

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