Why Bashar al Assad is a Devil?

Written By Naqash Bukhari

Why Bashar al-Assad is considered a bad man by Arab Muslim countries, Israel and USA?
Why is he seen as a devil?

Syrian President Bashar al Assad
Following are some of the reasons why he is considered a devil by Muslim countries surrounding Israel and beyond.

1. Assad regime is rejecting every Peace treaty with Israel unlike Egypt and Jordan.
2. Bashar is constantly supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon against Israel.
3. Bashar is the only leader in neighboring countries of Israel who is threatening Israel.
4. Bashar is the only passage for Iranian support for Hezbollah. Weaponry and financial.
5. Bashar is fighting against those fake Islamist terrorists who are fighting for Israel.

6. Bashar is the only obstacle in the completion of the project called "The Greater Middle East (Israel) Project"

Peace Treaties of Egypt and Jordan with Israel:
Egypt - Israel Peace Treaty:
Anwar El SadatJimmy Carter and 
Menachem Begin at White House, 1979
On 26th of March' 1979, Egypt - Israeli Peace Treaty was signed in United States between Egyptian President Anwar al Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. This Peace Treaty was sponsored by UN resolution  242 (S/RES/242). This treaty was witnessed by the then US President, Jimmy Carter. The peace treaty opened the gates of Israel and Egypt for the ambassadors and trade routes and it began its supply of crude oil to Israel. Egypt normalised Sinai desert (Egyptian territory bordered with Israel) and became an important strategic partner of Israel.
(Link: http://bit.ly/PeT12y)

Syrian Reaction:
Note before you read: The people who call themselves rebels today not only abuse Bashar but also his father Hafez al Assad who supported Palestine even when Israel reached gates of Damascus.

The then Syrian President Hafez al Assad (father of Bashar al Assad) declared that Syria would reject Resolution 242 and all other proposals for securing an Arab-Israeli settlement through the U.N. or great power guarantees, which were all only "another form of occupation." The government continued to obstruct the work of UNRWA, as it had done in the past ... on the ground that any attempt to resettle or rehabilitate the refugees would prejudice their right to repatriation and would be an acknowledgment of Israel’s existence.

Jordan - Israel Peace Treaty:
A handshake between Hussein I of Jordan andYitzhak Rabin,
accompanied by 
Bill Clinton, during the Israel-Jordan
peace negotiations, July 25th, 1994
In 1994, Jordan and Israel signed a Peace Treaty. It normalised the territorial deputes officially putting aside the Palestinian right on their own land. This treaty played a vital role in demoralising the Palestinians freedom fighters and made Jordan Israel's second neighbouring state, after Egypt, to normalise their relation with Israel and in fact starting a friendly era between the two states. The treaty allowed thousands of Israelis to cross borders to Jordan for tourism. 
In 1996 the two nations signed a trade treaty. As part of the agreement, Israel assisted in establishing a modern medical centre in Amman, Jordan.
(Link: http://bit.ly/TzWHLI)

Bashar Supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon against Israel:
Nasrullah, Bashar and Ahmadinejad
Bashar al Assad is supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon against Israel to keep Israel busy. Hezbollah admits that its two main sources of financial and weaponry support are Iran and Syria. 
(Link: http://bit.ly/OeGWrH)

In 2006 war Syria openly supplied its missiles along with Iranian made Ra'ad 1 and Fajr missiles to Hezbollah which then were used to attack Haifa. Israel's own newspaper Haarets described Hezbollah as Syrian and Iranian assisted, organised and skilled fighting group. 

In a speech about the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict in August 2006, Bashar al-Assad said that Hezbollah had "hoisted the banner of victory," hailing its actions as a "successful resistance". 
He claimed that Arab resistance was growing stronger, and warned Israel that "your warplanes, rockets, and your atomic bomb will not protect you in the future." He called Israel an enemy with whom no peace could be achieved as long as they and their allies (especially the U.S.) support the practise of preemptive war. In the same speech, he also called Arab leaders that have criticised Hezbollah "half-men."

Bashar has threatened Israel:
Bashar Assad made a bold statement that "If NATO forces make any move against Syria,  he [Assad] will direct his military to launch rocket attacks on Tel Aviv". He said that “if a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, [he] will need not more than 6 hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.”
He also threatened to unleash Hezbollah in Lebanon to join in the attack against Israel.
Turkey had a chance to invade Israel in Freedom Flotilla incident but Turkey feared its membership cancellation from NATO. Jordan and Egypt are already in Peace with Israel.

Bashar as a passage for Iranian support for Hezbollah:
Bashar is the only source now for Hezbollah to get Iranian, Russian and Syrian weapons to keep Israel busy and keep testing Israeli capabilities. Hezbollah openly admitted it that Syrian President Bashar al Assad is a vital passage to supply Iranian and Russian weapons to Syria. 
Israel's newspaper Haaretz published an article with headline "Iran pays, Syria smuggles and Hezbollah receives weapons". The article tells how Syria is being a passage between Hezbollah and Iran for smuggling weapons to keep testing Israeli capabilities.
(Link: http://bit.ly/NvitPR)

Israeli PM, Benjamin Natanyahu
In fact, Israel is so afraid that they are now concerned that if Assad sees his fall, he will transfer his Chemical missiles to Hezbollah which means only one thing to Israel: "Holocaust 2.0".
Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu is now afraid that if Syria falls, they will send their chemical weapons to Hezbollah and Hezbollah is never afraid of using any weapon against Israel. Reuters published the story with title in which Benjamin Natanyahu said that, The "Great Threat" to Israel in the case of Syrian crisis is that if Assad regime falls, Hezbollah will get Chemical weapons.
(Reuters Link: http://reut.rs/QvrNQO)

Bashar fighting the Pro Israeli Islamists:
It is a known fact that those who call themselves rebels are actually paid terrorists, most of them Libyan, funnelled in Syria from Turkey and Jordan. A massive part of the rebellion forces is actually Al Qaeda sent to Syria by NATO on US orders and directly and secretly funded by CIA on Obama's orders. 
(T.A. Link: tru.th/pst201208)

FSA (Islamist paid fake rebels) are being funded by Israel and heavily weaponized by US.
Watching their fall, many groups among the rebellion forces are now asking Israel to financially and politically help them to restore their fear in Syrian nation's hearts and minds.

Al Qaeda members
In the following short link it can be seen that an FSA leader Abdullah Tamimi was recorded by Channel 2 of Israel when he was being interviewed by Israeli channel "Channel 2". Abdullah said to them 
"Israel is and will never be our (FSA's) real enemy. We call the state of Israel to help us in our liberation".
(T.A. Link: tru.th/pst201208a)

There are confirmed reports now that NATO is landing more and more Al Qaeda troops in Syria to justify its attempts to invade Syria in the name of Al Qaeda. CFR (Council of Foreign Relation, US) is now praising Al Qaeda after The Guardian published the story that proved Al  Qaeda presence in Syria between FSA rebel forces.
US that was hunting Al Qaeda for last 10 years has its CFR now saying that "Al Qaeda are freedom fighters". 

"The Syrian rebels would be unimaginably weaker without Al Qaeda in there ranks. The rebellion FSA (Free Syrian ARMY are tired, divided, chaotic and ineffective feeling abandoned by the west. Rebel forces are increasingly demoralised as the continue to be destroyed by the regime forces with superior and professional army. Al Qaeda fighters, however, may help improve around the influx of Jihadists with discipline, religious freedom, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni dominated Gulf states and most importantly deadly results like 9/11. In short, the FSA (rebels) need Al Qaeda NOW!!!" Senior fellow at the Middle East, Eastern study at CFR.

I read and published recently Guardians quoted "A Qaeda is so tough and they got nice black uniforms and they fly nice flags." The Guardian said "Al Qaeda is leading the Freedom fight".
(T.A. Link: tru.th/alqaedainsyria)

So in short Bashar is bad because he fight Al Qaeda and FSA terrorist who are sent by US and NATO and helped by Israel and USA.

Bashar as an obstacle in creation of "The Greater Middle East (actually Israel)":
The Greater Israel Project
Its not a conspiracy theory now that Zionists have decided the plan for expanding Israel's border to Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and deep into Africa in order to complete their project "The Greater Israel". As Jordan and Egypt have already signed Peace treaties with Israel and Saudi Arabia is already an ally of Israel. The only state that is left as an obstacle in the way of creating a Greater Israel is Syria. Syrian President Bashar al Assad has announced already that there will be no Peace treaty with Israel and is constantly arming Hezbollah against Israel. Bashar stands as a hurdle in the way of completing this bloody project.So this is the reason Bashar has to leave.
(Link: tru.th/gmogi)

Moreover, Bashar has been in Office since year 2000, no armed protest or no rebellion attempt was reported from 2000 to 2010? Why suddenly now? In less then a year!
From 2000 to 2010, Bashar was not accused of Crimes against humanity, Syrian Military wasn't reported to commit any war crime or crime against humanity. So why suddenly "in less then a year" he is demonized by the Arabs, Americans, Europeans and whole Mainstream Media of the world? Why suddenly now after Libya?

So these are the reasons why Bashar is a bad guy is the eyes of Israel, Muslim countries and USA.

Now decide yourself,
A man who stands with Palestinians, Helps Hezbollah against Israel to support Palestinians, Rejects every Peace treaty offer from Israel, fight those who fight for Israel and US and stand in the way of expansion of Israel as a hurdle. 

Would You Think Of Him As A Devil?

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  1. western media tells us Europeans that Bashar Al Assad commits crimes of humanity against his own people. that he is a monster, Like they did with Saddam. a propaganda infowar is working at full speed. The puppetmasters are grooming everyone to hold this certain view. This way a nato involvement will be asked for by the western people.
    Moreover,our media is silent about Israel´s involvement also.and purposefully complicating things about factions,groups fighting each other, situation of muslims and christians in syria etc etc.

    What does the majority of syrian citisenship think of all of this? do they support Assad? and do the ordinairy people help in aiding assad in fending off the zionist organised merc army?
    Is there a civil war going on between tribes in syria?
    does the case of libia bear similarities?