FSA use US-stingers against Syria: US blocks peaceful Bani Walid draft by Russia

The Russian Federation is continuously trying to dampen the flames of bloodshed in Libya, Syria and now Lebanon. Yet, with America being involved in the destabilization of many nations alongside France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Qatar; then the situation is clearly out of control.  Therefore, with reports and video footage of various Islamist factions and the murky Free Syrian Army (FSA) having surface-to-air-missiles capabilities, it is clear that other nations need to condemn such brutal policies.
At the same time, the Russian Federation tried to protect the people of Bani Walid in  Libya by calling for a peaceful resolution. However, despite the “peaceful” nature of the draft statement by the Russian Federation, the American administration of President Obama blocked the proposal. The people of Bani Walid continue to reside under siege and many residents genuinely fear for their lives. Despite this, and the seriousness of the situation, political elites in the Obama administration have blocked a peaceful proposal to ending the crisis.
Vitaly Churkin, the envoy of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, comments that “Blocking a draft statement that called to solve the country’s political problems without violence is very strange…This is a case when it is difficult to explain the US delegation’s actions in rational terms.”
Sadly, other nations which cry “democracy” like the United Kingdom and France also appear aloof. Many major media outlets have also underplayed the significance of this move by the government of America. Therefore, the statement by the Russian Federation calling for the authorities in Libya “to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to preserve the rights of all Libyan citizens” was deemed un-appropriate by the Obama administration.
The same reality also applies to the country of Syria because so many outside nations have supported terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against secular Syria. On top of this are a brutal economic blockade and a manipulated media war, whereby disinformation is the order of the day in order to incite hatred towards the government of Syria.
News from Syria about the capability of the various Islamist factions and the FSA is also very worrying. According to General Nikolai Makarov, Russian Chief of Staff, it is now apparent that surface-to-air-missiles have entered Syria. Of course, it is obvious that the friends of America which have supported sectarianism, terrorism and sedition will be behind this. However, many tracks will be covered-up in order to excuse this reality.
Makarov comments about US Stingers reaching terrorists and other weapons. He states that “We have reliable information that Syrian militants have foreign portable anti-aircraft missile systems, including those made in the USA…it should be cleared up who delivered them.” 
“We have reliable information that Syrian militants have foreign portable anti-aircraft missile systems, including those made in the USA…it should be cleared up who delivered them.”
He further states that “For this all kinds of transport could be activated, including civil aviation. This is a serious matter.” Despite the seriousness of the matter it is clear that outside nations will be covering up their tracks and the blame will be pinned on some obscure terrorist outfit in the short-term.
Reports have been swirling around with regards to shoulder-mounted missiles and likely covert operations which have been taking out major Syrian military hardware. Images of major Syrian military hardware being decommissioned points clearly in the direction of covert operatives from powerful nations which are utilizing the border areas of Turkey, Lebanon and other regional nations. Turkey is openly anti-Bashar al-Assad and it appears that this nation no longer believes in border guards. After all, terrorists and covert operatives have a free reign to kill in Syria and to destabilize this nation. Then, after these barbaric operations, or if fleeing the Syrian army, then the same terrorists and covert operatives can freely escape to Turkey because the border area is open to all and sundry under the government of Erdogan.
In the Wall Street Journal it was stated that Video footage uploaded to the Internet earlier this week appears to show rebels in Aleppo using weapons that military experts and rebels say are heat-seeking, shoulder-fired missiles, the first documented instance in the conflict. Versions of the weapons—also known as man-portable air defense systems, or Manpads—have been smuggled into the country over the past two months through Turkey and to a lesser extent Lebanon, according to Syrian rebels and those who supply them arms through an “operations room” coordinated by regional governments.”
Earlier in July the United States prevented 18 Manpads entering Syria from Libya. Meanwhile it is known that Palestinian militants have sent Strela systems which are Russian-made.  It is most likely that Qatar, Turkey, France and Saudi Arabia are connected somewhere in the chain of events – this applies to either covert involvement, turning a blind eye or enabling ratlines to develop which will cover up many tracks.
Sadly, in the same Wall Street Journal article (see below) it appears that outside nations are being exonerated. This clearly doesn’t wash because the military hardware entering Syria via nations like Turkey can’t enter the country without the blessing of the host nation. After all, to claim otherwise would mean that Turkey can’t defend its own citizens from outside terrorists. This is clearly an illusion and Turkey and other nations like France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia know the score.
Meanwhile, the FSA and various Islamist organizations continue to terrorize the people of Syria by countless terrorist attacks alongside torturing individuals deemed favorable to the government of Syria. Vast numbers of Christians have fled parts of Syria where they have resided for untold centuries. All this carnage is being done by the allies of America and the United Kingdom.
The Russian Federation is at a loss to the reasoning of nations like America, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Likewise, the mass media continues to whip up hatred towards the government of Syria.
The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, commented that “Bashar al-Assad is the guarantor of security for national minorities, among them Christians; who have been living in Syria for many centuries.” Lavrov also stated that many forces from outside “have Iran, rather than Syria on their minds.”
Overall, it is clear that the people of Syria need protecting from outside nations which are spreading sectarianism, sedition, terrorism and enforcing a brutal economic blockade. These same forces are cleansing many areas of different religious and ethnic groups and leaving behind untold carnage and massacres. Likewise, the people of Bani Walid in Libya are suffering daily. However, just like the countless terrorist attacks in Syria which are not condemned by political elites in Washington, Ankara, Riyadh, London, Doha and Paris. The suffering of the people in Bani Walid in Libya is not only in silence. More alarmingly, to political elites in Washington, and other outside nations which are in collusion, then nobody will shed a tear for their pain, torture and abandonment.

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