Truce Breaches By Rebels and FSA on Saturday 27 Oct 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that armed terrorist groups continued on Saturday to commit breaches of the ceasefire announced by the General Command.

In Damascus Countryside, armed terrorist group attacked army and law-enforcement forces checkpoints in Douma, Harasta and Hosh Arab on Friday at 20:00, and attacked army checkpoints in Ras al-Naba'a in Qatana at 20:30, in addition to al-Seryan and the Consumer Establishment at 21:00.

On Saturday, terrorists planted explosive devices in the perimeter of Kafer Kok at 8:30 and east of Masaken al-Tawfik roundabout at 11:30.

A mercenary terrorist group attacked a law-enforcement checkpoint in Yabrood city in Damascus Countryside, the law-enforcement personnel returned fire and killed and wounded the attacking terrorists.

Another armed terrorist group opened fire on citizens and passers in Jaramana, causing the death of a young man and the injury of a woman, the authorities clashed with and pursued the terrorists.

In Daraa, terrorists opened fire on a checkpoint in Namer on Friday at 23:00, and on a barracks on Saturday at 13:00.

In Homs, terrorists opened fire on a checkpoint in Jub al-Jarrah in al-Mukharram area on Friday at 22:30, and on Saturday at 2:30 they attempted to reinforce their positions in al-Hedariye area.

At 5:00 on Saturday, a terrorist group opened fire using sniper rifles and RPG launchers at law-enforcement forces in Bab Houd neighborhood.

In Hama, terrorists opened fire on checkpoints at al-Hamza towers on Friday at 20:30, on al-Arba'a Nawae'er checkpoint at 20:50, on checkpoints of Dawwar al-Jub and the swimming pool south of the stadium at 23:15, and on the new al-Baath Party building and police command at 23:30.

In Aleppo, the terrorists carried out several attacks on Saturday, attacking law-enforcement forces at Khan al-Wazir post office in Old Aleppo at 9:30, attacking law-enforcement checkpoints oin the Aleppo-Izaz highway at Kafer Hamra at 9:45.

Terrorists also carried out attacks in Khan al-Assal area on the Aleppo-Atareb highway at 10:10, the Aleppo-Raqqa highway at 10:30, and law-enforcement forces in al-Farafira neighborhood at 11:30.

The armed terrorist groups also attacked several military checkpoints in al-Aqba, Bustan al-Basha and Bustan al-Qasr.

In Aleppo countryside, the terrorist groups opened fire on military checkpoints in the areas of Kifr Hamra and al-Mazare', the Armed Forces returned fire and destroyed two cars, killing the terrorists in them.

In Idleb, terrorists opened fire on law enforcement forces in the market of the youth housing area at 2:30, and attacked Wadi al-Daif, al-Hamidiye, Harem, Salkin and al-Alana areas at 6:00, in addition to planting two explosive devices, each weighing between 50 and 80 kilograms, on the Idleb Salqin road.

At 9:00, terrorists detonated an explosive device weighting around 20 kilograms near Carlton Hotel in Idleb city.

In Deir Ezzor, terrorists detonated a car bomb in a location where an army works division was positioned at 5:00 and opened fire at law-enforcement personnel in al-Jbaila and al-Rashidiye, in addition to detonating a car bomb between the Syriac Church and the Region Command at 6:15.

The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that it will continue to monitor the breaches committed by the armed terrorist group, with the General Command announcing its commitment to the statement issued on October 25, 2012, and affirming its commitment to continue dealing with the crimes against country and citizens committed by terrorists.

Terrorist Groups Continue Committing Breaches of Ceasefire in Several Provinces

In Idleb province, a source told SANA's correspondent that a terrorist group opened fire at the Armed Forces at the youth housing area and the market in Idleb city, and in Selkin and al-Alaki areas in Idleb countryside, prompting the Armed Forces to return fire.

Two children were injured when an explosive device planted by terrorists in a dustbin went off east of Carlton Hotel in Idleb city.

Armed terrorist groups detonated a car bomb in front of the Syriac Church on the main road in the city of Deir Ezzor.

The explosion caused great material damage to the Church's façade.

In Damascus Countryside, the Armed Forces confronted terrorist groups that attacked law enforcement and army personnel in Douma, Harasta, Zalamka and Erbin, eliminating a number of terrorists, injuring others and destroying their equipment.

In Homs city, the authorities confronted a terrorist group that attacked law enforcement forces in Bab Houd neighborhood, with a source telling SANA's correspondent that the clash resulted in losses among terrorists.

The Armed Forces also confronted a terrorist group in the town of al-Atafiye in al-Qseir countryside in Homs, killing and injuring its members.

In Talkalakh in Homs countryside, the Armed Forces returned fire when terrorists shot at a security forces checkpoint then fled.

In Aleppo city, terrorists opened fire on a demonstration demanding that terrorist groups leave al-Asharifiye area, martyring two citizens.

Terrorist groups attacked the water pumping station in Sleiman al-Halabi area in Aleppo, damaging five pumps and cutting water from the western part of Aleppo city.

In al-Marjeh neighborhood, terrorists opened fire on a popular demonstration demanding that armed terrorist groups leave the neighborhood, injuring 12-year-old Mohammad al-Nuaimi.

In Aleppo countryside, terrorists from Andan area set fire to a bus traveling from Efrtin to Aleppo.

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