Criminality of the FSA; FSA Gangs kidnapping killing unarmed civilians and soldiers

20 Minute of FSA Tyrant Gangs Murdering Syrian Civilian and Syrian Soldiers.
A 20-minute documentary film summarizing the criminality of the terrorists calling themselves FSA +18 
A 20 - minute of pain ,ache, and terrorism. It is the dirtiest criminality perpetrated by their hands ; a 20-minute documentary which summarizes crimes documented by video and audio made by the criminals of the free Army of terror.Hoping that our voice will reach those who are brainwashed by the so-called FSA.

You would Never! Ever Ever! Ever see this on your Mainstream Media which, as a whole, is working on Zionist/American orders.
Do Al-Jazeerah broadcast this? Do CNN and BBC show this on their channels? No!
Stop believing blindly on Mainstream Media... Stop believing on one sided news that tell you that only the Syrian govt is killing its people!

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