Syrian Students and Communities Abroad Are Mainstay of Confrontation

The Syrian citizens inside and outside the homeland have formed a genuine front to uncover the tools of the aggression targeting Syria and to thwart its attempts to prove to the world the vitality and creativity of the Syrian people which constitute the national guarantee for Damascus to remain the capital of civilization.

The Syrian Students Union branches and the Syrian communities overseas

, sent by their homeland to learn, have constituted the mainstay of the Syrian confrontation abroad teaching all nations the meaning of steadfastness.

They launched solidarity campaigns with the homeland from the beginning of the aggression on Syria. These campaigns included "The Global Campaign for Solidarity with Syria" which was launched by the Syrian Students Union from October 18 to October 21, organizing popular marches, solidarity stands and visits to friendly countries' embassies.

Syrian students and communities participated in this campaign in several international capitals starting with those of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States to India, China, Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon, Germany, Italy, Slovak, Armenia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Romania.

The Syrian students in those countries expressed rejection of all forms of foreign interference in the internal affairs of their homeland and their support to the reforms commenced by the Syrian leadership.

Participants in the solidarity stands saluted the great role of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorism and terrorists and protecting the security and stability of Syria.

The main titles of the Syrian students' activities were embodied in condemning terrorism and resolve to confront it, persistence on reform and building the homeland for all its sons and stressing national unity and dialogue.

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