Don't Tell Me Only Bashar Is Committing War Crimes!

FSA committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity...
FSA executing the Surrendered Soldiers.
Its a Crime Against Humanity, isn't it?
Its also a Crime against ISLAM. Isn't it?

The YouTube video, shows around ten armed men in what looks to be a building under construction.
In the footage they surround a group of captured men on the ground, some of whom are in Syrian military uniforms. Some of the men are lying on their stomachs, while others are sprawled out as if they are injured.
One of the men can be heard saying, “These are Assad’s dogs,” in the background. Another says, “Damn you,” as the gunmen kick and beat some of the men.
Seconds later, screaming is heard simultaneously with gunfire, which erupts for about 35 seconds. The men on the floor are seen twitching and shaking, presumably from being shot.

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