Zionist Racism - Part 2 - Arthur Ruppin

Written by Ahmad Imran

A cursory Google search on Arthur Ruppin will indicate the man to be a highly decorated sociologist and economist. He was born in Rawicz on March 1st 1876 , Poland which was part of German Empire at the time, and accordingly is commonly perceived and touted as German rather than Polish for reason that will become clear upon further reading. He became active in the Zionist Movement and was sent by David Wolfsohn to Palestine where he opened the Eretz Yisrael Office to facilitate acquiring money, and the purchase of absentee landlord land to enable the immigration of German Jews into Palestine. Ruppin was instrumental in establishing the system of Kibbutzim, the city of Tel Aviv and shaping health sciences in Israel. Undoubtedly Ruppin is one of the founding fathers of the state of Israel and plethora of academic centers and streets are named after him for a reason. However, there exists a particular angle on history of Zionism and its creators that is usually not talked about much which creates tremendous Cognitive Dissonance for citizens and the supporters of the state of Israel. [1]

Race and Eugenics:
 Sand tells us that Ruppin being a Darwinist knew that the Jews were no longer a pure race, yet somehow constituted a “hereditary unit” which legitimized demands of a new homeland. One can easily see the contradictory tones of the rationale in the following manner, "This very likeness to the Asiatic peoples, from whom they have been separated for 2000 years, shows that the Jews have remained unchanged, and that in the Jews of today we may say we may have the same people who fought victoriously under King David, who repented their misdeeds under Ezra and Nehemiah, died fighting for freedom under Bar-Kokhba, were the great carriers of trade under between Europe and the Orient in the early Middle Ages….Thus the Jews have not only preserved their great natural racial gifts, but through a long process of selection these gifts have become strengthened. The terrible conditions under which the Jews lived during the last 500 years necessitated a bitter struggle for life in which only the cleverest and strongest survived… The result is that in the Jew of today, we have what is in some respects a particular valuable human type. Other nations may have other points of superiority, but in respect of intellectual gifts the Jews can scarcely be surpassed by any nation.” [2]

There exists a notion of the Asiatic origin of Jews which was the cause of Anti-Jewish sentiment, yet the separation of 2000 years somehow has maintained their “separation” as distinct, which Ruppin may suggest as a cause of their “racial gifts” and their strengthening? Now if the Jews remained “separate” then there occurred no process of “natural selection” as per Darwinian thought. Natural selection would occur in an open system not a xenophobic, separatist closed system as practiced or alleged by the Zionist Jews. Another flaw in the theory is the non-existence of “different races”, given all humans possess the same number of chromosomes and thus constitute a “single human race”.[3]

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