Galloway: Saudi Arabia, Qatar Fund, Weaponize and Cover Events for Continuation of Crisis, West Uses Turkey As Platform against Syria

George Galloway, member of
the British Parliament
George Galloway, member of the British Parliament, stressed that the only way for solvin
g the crisis in Syria is through dialogue among all the Syrian people, clarifying that the West and some Arab and regional do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria.

Galloway said in an interview with Russia Today Channel that the USA and their puppets in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria as these two countries work on paying money and providing weapons and media propaganda for the continuation of the crisis.

Galloway pointed out that the Turkish government is skillful in working as a mercenary for the West in the region, seeking to join the European Union, adding that the West is using Turkey as a platform for the events taking place in Syria as it was used to hit Libya.

He stressed that the Government of Justice and Development party in turkey chaired by Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become an agent to the west.

He described Russia's stance regarding the events in Syria as correct and wise, saying " I agree with Russia and China in their stance about the crisis in Syria, and I support the former UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan, which is considered the best solution."

The former British Parliamentarian pointed out to the West's endeavor to integrate the leaders of the Islamic world in their system to be part of the western injustice, adding," If any Arab leader defies the Western policy they topple him."

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